The hippy life of Kabir Bedi

Kabir Bedi is an Indian celebrity who is truly considered an international star. In 1969 he got married to the model and Odissi dancer Protima Gupta. It’s believed that she was in an open marriage and had quite a few affairs. Maybe because of her own choice of lifestyle she didn’t mind Kabir’s affairs with women like Sheila Jones while he stayed in the marriage. Until one day he left Protima and their children for Parveen Babi.

But they didn’t marry and had a live-in relationship instead. They had to break up because Parveen’s career was in India but Kabir had to move out of the country for his own. He married Susan Humphrey, an American model, in 1980. Among all his relationships, this marriage was most private.

Why the couple got divorced in 1990, no one knows. Two years later he married talk show host Nikki Moolgaoker. She was based in London but Kabir by now had come back to India.

He worked hard on the long-distance relationship, but they got amicably divorced in 2005. The same year Parveen Dusanj came to his life. She worked as a freelancer so she could travel freely with him. In 2016 they got married. Kabir announced that he has finally found his soul mate so it will be his last marriage.

Thanks to his track record, we can only wait and watch!

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