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His first love is what I never want to change

cricket ball & bat

My fiance has this ardent obsession with his “first love”. He doesn’t even fumble to openly declare that his “first love” will always precede my existence in his life. At times, I get unspeakably jealous listening to his constant blabber about how he fell in love, how he got obsessed and how he couldn’t achieve his first love yet, couldn’t get over in all these years. NOT EVEN AFTER MEETING ME????? I arrogantly question myself.

Thankfully, my fiance’s first love is “CRICKET”!

Yes, I am competing with a sport to gain the first place in my lover’s heart. Does that makes me unhappy? Not at all! Do I want this to change? Not in a million years! My fiance’s passion for cricket is the one thing that I never want to change. In my eyes, he is undoubtedly much more better player than being just a fan. Although, he thinks it to be vice-versa. And why not? All cricket playing countries individual rankings, national and international players’ personal bests, match statistics, pre-match predictions, after-match discussions etc fiance has got everything on his tongue tips. he doesn’t even have to cross-check. The man is a walking encyclopedia of cricket.

My fiance’s love for bat and ball started early during his childhood. In those young days, along with his little brother he made quite a handful memories of breaking window panes while hitting sixes. He was the mastermind behind all those afternoon hours of sneaking out to play in the field. His little brother will innocently tag along his elder brother, only to end up getting canned by their father after getting caught. No amount of constant scoldings, kneeling down on the front porch, ear pull in front of his friends could stop my man from going after his passion. He represented his school team, his locality team and even led his college team. But as luck would have it, my fiance’s future was destined somewhere else. Thus, his dream to play for his own country till date remains a sweet dream. Even though, he has given up his aim to become a cricketer but his gusto for this sport is more stronger than ever. I see his expert eyes lighting up with crackling fire as he views a match, his clear dejection when a player is at fault. I still clearly remember then day he cried when Sachin Tendulkar retired. It was heartbreaking to see my man in such a vulnerable state but that’s what happens when your love and devotion for something/someone is so deep and religious.

My fiance’s vehement “first love” is here to stay. It is what defines his entire happy childhood till the growth of the man I fell in love with and I definitely don’t want to change even a tiny bit of it. I think I can handle a willow bat and a rubber ball with seam because at the end of the day, he still loves me more than anything else, no matter what he says…haha!


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