Affair and Cheating

He spun a web of lies and destroyed my faith in men

He seemed like a nice man, until one day his pregnant wife called her to complain. How many women was he deceiving?
cheating husband

As told to Dipannita Ghosh Biswas by Anupreeta

Moving to Delhi from my hometown was a huge thing. A new city with new people wasn’t easy to adjust to, but well, college was a lot of fun and I began to enjoy every bit of being a student in Delhi. I made new friends as well but little did I know that very soon, my views on friendship and trust were to be altered for life.

He seemed so nice

Poonam, my classmate, introduced me to Yash. Soon after, he sent me a friend request on a social networking site, which I declined. When I received another request from him a few days later, I accepted it – nothing seemed to be out of place. We started talking and these brief conversations became more frequent, both virtually and on the phone. Nothing seemed to be out of place even when I met him, not once but twice. We chatted and laughed and made wonderful memories. But a call from an unknown number one afternoon was the tip of an iceberg I was clueless about.

shocked woman
‘It was his wife’ Image Source

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  1. Hi,
    At some point of our lives, we have all met guys like Yash. But does that put an end to our trust in beautiful relationship like friendship? Certainly not. So please, don’t. Friendship, trust, love – these aren’t the lemons. People like Yash are.

  2. You got the call from Nandini at the right time. I would have liked if you added any kind of interaction, ( if any) after realising the truth, in the story. I know it’s hard to get into terms with such harshness but you got to stay strong and move on.

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