His magical words

old couple

I met him at my friend’s photo shoot, I was drooling over his rugged look and husky voice and his effortless ways that made us comfortable. Kavisha was an aspiring model and he made her dreams real with his brilliant clicks and soon we became good friends. We often partied together and I couldn’t stop falling in love with him, I knew looks can be deceptive but his presence was magical and he was a wonderful person at heart

I never missed a chance to meet him and surprisingly even he didn’t. Every time we met, there were a million butterflies in my stomach and every time I looked at him … I found him already looking at me. I was not sure if it all was a coincidence or it was a beginning of a new chapter. The thought of losing him got me goosebumps so I could never dare to speak my heart to him. As days and years passed, we became best of friends. And everybody around us kept asking what next?

And one magical night, my phone rang at 2 am and he said, “I wish to wake up with you every morning and I wish to grow old with you … let’s get married.”

It was a WOW moment. I fell off my bed, the clock stopped ticking and the whole world around me stopped. His words, “I want to grow old with you” were more than those three words “I Love You “.

We have been married for 5 years now, and I would have heard those words a million times and I wish to hear them over and over until the universe exists.

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Readers Comments On “His magical words”

  1. Isn’t that a really beautiful thought – growing old with you. It was indeed very well put up.
    May you come up with more of such nice thoughts. Good luck.

  2. Sonia rodrigues

    I agree more than I love you… I want to grow old with you sounds more magical and meaningful… I was actually envisioning the whole scene… very well written

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