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His unexpressed feelings of romance

ssilhoutte of romantic couple

After twenty two years of togetherness it is very difficult to just chalk out one such quality which has really motivated me throughout the years.

He had nurtured me through the years .Somehow his presence had always changed me .He just makes me feel that I am alive and somehow unknowingly he just soothes me in all my agony.

Though he never had that romantic hero type qualities like wishing me in Valentine’s day, Birthday’s, posing for photos together etc.  which actually I was looking forward in my marriage but he had never vented it out .

I still remember my honeymoon when he told me that he wanted his elder brother to accompany us as they too had never gone for honeymoon .So it was not like the typical honeymoon for me rather it just summed up to be a family outing. That was still okay, I accepted but his emotions would only pour out in the closed room where he was actually himself.

This was his one thing which I would never want him to change is his untold feelings towards me. He can never express but he can make me sense it somehow. It is only I who can feel that emotion so much so that my daughters told me, “Mommy how can you stay with a life partner who is so unromantic?”

He does express his romantic feelings very differently:

  •  His presence only pacifies me with his romantic charm.
  •  His pampering me like a small child.
  •  His touching my head when I am not well.
  •  His finding out ways to be near me even in a crowded family get together.
  •  His ways of understanding my physical ailments even before I can say.
  •  Always to be beside me whenever I want him.
  •  His fasting whole day when I fast and saying…”How can I eat? You too have not eaten  the whole day.”
  •  His over protective nature makes me always feels that I am still a teenager
  •  His fear whenever I am going out alone, makes me feel that I am still very beautiful.

I just want him to be like this for the remaining part of my life as it makes me feel younger day by day.

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  1. Now every man is special and different for his wife. And it seems, you have a wonderful husband who truly loves and cares for you.

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