Holding hands in marriage…just like boxers shaking hands before a match!


It has been ages since I updated you on how my married life with Rekha has been progressing. Let me break the streak and come up with a post on how “blissful” the marriage has been.

As you are already aware I am not a fan of this institution called marriage. Perhaps, because of what I heard at the Sri Anna Poorneshwari Temple in Cherrukunnu, two seconds before Rekha and I got married.

While adjusting my silk dhoti, I heard a 10-year-old boy ask his father: “Father, why is Chandran uncle giving Rekha didi’s hand to Rajan uncle? Why are they holding hands?”

The gravity in the question appealed to me and I looked up to catch the father’s answer. He said: “Son, it’s a little like the boxing matches you see on ESPN. Have you seen the referee called both the boxers to the centre and ask them to hold hands?”

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After hearing that answer, I only had two seconds to change my mind, and couldn’t.

In the last few years (I think we got married on Sept 8, 2004!), I have learnt that one needs two things to succeed in marriage: a sense of humour and a very, very short memory (not like Aamir Khan, of course!).

Unfortunately, I only have myself to blame for this marriage. If there was somebody else…I would have killed the person by now.

And it is not that talks of our marriage started with the question: “You are what? Did you just say that you were pregnant?” We had ample amount of time on our hands to walk out, but we didn’t…. Which is definitely surprising.

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It’s picture-perfect… almost

Not that I make love with a lady in my office, come back home and say I worked like a dog in office today (if you get the hint!). That’s not true. At least, it doesn’t hold true for my office.

Not that she calls up her ex-boyfriends when I am away and talks to them for hundreds of minutes/month. I checked via a friend in Airtel`s Corporate office and she has spoken to Sachin for only 77 minutes this month and with Sridhar for 93 minutes.

My wife talks to me about Sachin and Sridhar, though. She gives me hints that these are the two gentlemen she could have married… but didn’t, because she wanted me to be happy. I don’t buy her story but hear her out.

If you ask me, Eve would have been the only woman, who didn’t utter sentences like: “You know…I had a choice, I could have married X.” or “Y was way better than you, but I choose you because I didn’t want to disappoint you.” Ask me why? Because Adam was the first man.

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But then… knowing the women I have met in my life I wouldn’t be surprised if Eve is known to have said: “Did you know… after making me, God wanted to marry me.”

The answer is love

If you are a married male, you probably know that there are only two reasons for your wife to fight with you – you and your family members. If you are a married lady, you don’t need to be told the two reasons why your husband fights with you – his wife and her family.

While Rekha and I are still figuring out how we can start loving each other, we have found a solution to love each other’s, family members. For example, she loves my mother-in-law… and I adore her mother-in-law. Now, that’s a beginning. What say?

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