Holiday more important than sex?

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According to the Economic Times, Pune, Delhi and Bengaluru residents are willing to give up sex for a week, to extend their holiday by a day.

The ET cites a survey conducted by Expedia, “which includes India, threw up TV, coffee, junk food and dessert as the top things that people would give up for a week, to extend their vacation by an extra day. This was followed by liquor, social media and their favourite food.”

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What’s more, “26 per cent of Indian respondents were willing to give up using their smartphone and 37 per cent use of the Internet. A 15 per cent (thankfully, a small cluster) were willing to forgo a daily bath. Other interesting sacrifices in the name of a holiday included giving up a favourite outfit, where Pune took the lead, followed by Hyderabad and Mumbai. Pune is also in the forefront of people willing to give up their smartphone usage and social media (Hyderabad and Mumbai being next in line here).”
Points to ponder?

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  1. We h=genberally don’t do our daily stuff when on vacation. We try to do things that we can’t while at home but talking about sex, I think people often go on sexcation and it’s as important as a holiday. This is what I feel.

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