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Honey, the baby shrunk our sex-life!

Couples are getting candid about how having a baby affects their sex life. Here’s a mommy telling you how she managed, and how we all can find a way
Couple with Baby

Sex is significant. It is significant for me. We Indians are still way too inhibited to discuss our bedroom secrets even in our private circles, let alone in public or on social media! But I am not. I tend to shock many with my uninhibited ways; some even try to gag me, to no avail. Sex is a topic I openly read about and often discuss with friends, girlfriends and loved ones. Why be ashamed about a core fact of life? I have always had several questions, myths, assumptions regarding sex, both before and after marriage. More so, after conceiving and giving birth. My body underwent so many changes pre and post-partum. Some physical, some emotional, most hormonal. And, honestly, the prime question on my mind prior to giving birth was, will sex go out of window now?

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What about intimacy after having kids?

Here is how your sexual behaviour affects your child – it is easy to mess them up!

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  1. Intimacy after childbirth is difficult. Waiting for the children to doze off seems to be the only option, but it seems they know it and hence never go to sleep when you want them to!

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