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Honeymoon – Full or New Moon ?

The full moon is beautiful, charming and attractive like most the honeymoons are. In fact this time is so rosy that the proverb, honeymoon period got over, was born to represent a wonderful time.

After courtship or after an arranged marriage, the couple sinks into each other’s arms to discover the nectar, which was lingering mildly over their minds. They smell, see and touch each other and feel ecstatic. This mystic self-transcendence starts to evaporate when there is over indulgence. The full moon starts fading.

Honeymoon shouldn’t be limited to flying to an exotic location, staying in five star luxury, drinking the finest wine, experimenting with the cuisine, roaming places and indulging in sex. It should be treated with far more care and compassion.

The honeymoon should be treated as a new moon. Since much of darkness prevails in many areas between them, it could be treated as an opportunity to unravel the mysteries which we all are made up of, in our own ways.

We have our likes, dislikes, preferences and irritants. During the honeymoon, the couple should try to demystify these small and minute areas, talking gently about self and listening actively. The purpose is to know the other person thoroughly well so that one can make adjustments in self, communication and behaviour for bringing comfort in the relationship, that is just starting to take off. Later the hustle bustle of life would start and they may not get this kind of a time, where making adjustments or small sacrifices, may not remain a pleasure. The soft, gentle and emotional platform may not be this intense later in life.

Marriage is like two toothbrushes and one toothpaste. And the success and failure of the marriage may hinge on numerous things, including how does one squeeze the paste out of the tube, in the morning. The methodical mind shall press the back end to get the paste delivered, while the less careful spouse may press in between the tube. Honeymoon is a time to find out such small details and to make rules for the future to be happy. You create your own moon, from the dark new moon night.

And if this is done, the couple learns that cleaning the cap of the ketchup bottle is not the responsibility of just one, but both.

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