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My better half, V, is a quintessential business man and I, a romantic, stay at home, Queen. The marriage of two minds from two poles. There is this law in Physics,

“Opposites attract!”

I can vouch for that based on the growing chemistry between two of us, over past nine years.

Does that mean that we have a rosy pink life together! Oh that’s tad boring! We have our share of fights. They do add spice to our lives! Sometimes, it gets awfully hot!

A chef in me, never hesitates to handle hot stuff!

What binds us together? He is a complete foodie and I love cooking.

I love experimenting actually.

My experiments sometimes call for the ingredients available beyond kitchen. My love towards my family pushes me to dish out the food that suits the mood!

Few days back, I saw V, going up and down the house little restlessly. Soon, I learnt that it was the pressure from business.

All I could do was, work like the whistle of the pressure cooker!

I coaxed him to join me in kitchen, on the pretext of needing help. He joined reluctantly. The first few assignments that I made my assistant, V, to undertake were pretty simple. From getting me desired vegetables from fridge, getting them washed, finding the spice mixes from the kitchen cabinets, etc. He had a difficult time spotting the right things at the right place. Initially, there were some groans but later some chuckles!

The whistle trick finally had worked!

Soon my assistant, grew curious as to what I was cooking. He by now had graduated in kitchen enough to guess the dish! “Chatapate Chole” is his favorite too! From the corner of my eyes, I could see a mischievous, naughty smile spreading across his face!

‘Incredible, this man is still so handsome’, I made a note to myself!

“Concentrate on the preparation”, cautioned my mind. As I got busy in adjusting the seasoning, I felt a warm hug. A gush of hot breath went down caressing my cheek!

“Your job is so hectic and yet so thankless. I love you for the love and care you bring to our table!”, whispered V.

That day, “Chatapate Chole” made jointly, tasted heavenly.

I would love to cook the same “Chatapate Chole” with all spices remaining the same, including the most important, my very own V !

—By MocktailMommy Ruchi

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