The Hottest Superheroes We Are Crushing On

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Updated On: December 20, 2022
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How many times you have seen a superhero on screen and gone, “OMG!! He’s sooooo…hot?”  When superheroes fight to save the world from catastrophe, do they have any idea what mayhem they cause within the hearts of millions across the globe? Not really. They are just doing their job and we are going ga ga over that long hair, the trimmed beard, the blue eyes or his ability to just remain cool when everything around him is blowing up. Here are the superheroic men we are currently crushing on.

The Hottest Superheroes We Are Crushing On

Why are these superheroes giving us sleepless nights and tingles down the spine? Why we go weak in the knees every time we see them? We swoon, we cry we go crazy every time they appear on the screen. We do have an immense crush on these superheroes. We tell you why…

1. Superman – Bold yet vulnerable

Many have played the part of Superman and each has been men whose looks have been to die for – be that Christopher Reeve or Henry Cavill. When the spectacled Clark Kent turns into the superhero with that chiselled body, how can a girl’s legs not turn to jelly? Add to this, a hint of boldness with a tinge of vulnerability and we have the perfect man to crush on.

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2. Thor – Raw sex appeal

This hammer bearing warrior with golden hair from Asgard has raw sex appeal that just cannot be denied. Played by Chris Hemsworth, Thor not only exemplifies good looks but is also both regal and compassionate – and that is what makes him so worth crushing on.

Even when he packed on a few pounds and really enjoyed his drinks in Avenegers: Endgame, we still thought he was super super hot.

Thor - Raw sex appeal
Thor – Raw sex appeal

3. Spiderman – Chocolate boy looks and fearless personality

Tom Holland has played Spiderman in five films, including the latest film, Spiderman: Homecoming. This superhero has powers to weave webs and swing from the tallest of buildings. When we see him on the big screen, we can’t help but go ga-ga over his chocolate boy looks and fearless personality as he does his daredevil stunts.

Spiderman - Chocolate boy looks and fearless personality
Spiderman – Chocolate boy looks and fearless personality

4. Captain America – Those blue eyes 

Say Captain America and the handsome face of Steve Rogers instantly springs to mind. His sexy genetically-modified body together with his loyal nature makes him someone worth swooning at time and time again. When Captain America grows a beard in Avengers: Endgame we fall for him over and over and over again.

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Captain America - Those blue eyes 
Captain America – Those blue eyes

5. Batman – Gorgeous and rich

When the filthy rich and gorgeous Bruce Wayne turns into Batman to protect Gotham City, we cannot turn our eyes away. Played by several men over the years, he was last portrayed by Ben Affleck. Even though Batman v/s Superman: Dawn of Justice was quite a let – down as a superhero movie, Batman’s charm and to-die-for physique made us forget about the film’s debacle.

Batman - Gorgeous and rich
Batman – Gorgeous and rich

6. Deadpool – True caring softie

Deadpool movies are given an ‘A’ rating because this guy swears nineteen to the dozen. He puts up a tough front but we’ve seen the true caring softie that lies inside and he undoubtedly has our stamp of approval. With one of the sexiest men in Hollywood, Ryan Reynolds, playing the character, Deadpool has found itself a permanent spot in our fantasies.

Deadpool - True caring softie
Deadpool – True caring softie

7. Iron Man – Deep eyes and sense of humour

This list would be incomplete without Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr with his deep eyes and smooth hair, adds more charisma every time industrialist, Tony Stark, turns into Iron Man to save the world. He is so loved by all, that when he died in the Endgame, there was not a person who did not feel heartbroken. His witty sense of humour and effortless charm makes him the hottest of them all.

Iron Man - Deep eyes and sense of humour
Iron Man – Deep eyes and sense of humour

Are you smiling because your superhero made it to this list? Comment below and tell us which one makes your heart beat a wee bit faster.

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