How Acupuncture Can Help Your Sleep Disorder

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Updated On: September 30, 2023
acupuncture for sleep
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Not being able to sleep at night and tossing and turning continuously can be extremely frustrating. It can also be responsible for several health problems. Ever heard of acupuncture for sleep? When you are thinking of getting proper sleep, it is obvious that getting poked by needles will not come to your mind initially. However, it should. Acupuncture for sleep can solve many problems for you.

But how does acupuncture work? This is one of those age-old and ancient Chinese practices that are capable of improving sleep. Many people use acupuncture for treating insomnia as well. This is why you need to know how acupuncture can help with your sleep disorders as well. According to the Huffington Post, sleep disorders can be the reason why you wake up late every morning.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

The sterile needles, which are normally used for acupuncture, are inserted within specific body points which are capable of stimulating muscles and nerves. It may seem like an uncomfortable process from the sound and look of it. But, do not worry at all. It is easier than it looks.

It hardly feels anything like it looks. If you have an expert working on you, you may not feel much at all. You do not need to worry about being uncomfortable because most people do not feel any kind of problem when the experts are placing the needles.

Acupuncture for sleep is also known to help a person deal with insomnia. The practice of acupuncture and resolving insomnia go way back. It is all about finding the correct pressure points which can, in turn, help you achieve sound sleep.

How does acupuncture work?
Acupuncture not only helps in improving your sleeping patterns but also has many other health benefits

Acupuncture is a process that can stimulate the flow of blood and helps in easing the pain. It not only helps in improving your sleeping patterns but can also reduce several allergy symptoms, treat migraines, boost fertility, etc. It can help in taking care of:

  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Migraine and headache
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Pain in the dental regions
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Labour pain
  • Menstrual cramps

How does acupuncture help in improving sleep?

How does acupuncture work? Even today, research is continuously going on to understand how acupuncture for sleep exactly helps in resolving problems of insomnia and helping one sleep better.

However, it has been stated that acupuncture for sleep is responsible for helping you feel relaxed and calm. It touches your nerves and spots in such a way, that it instantly induces a feeling of relaxation and calm. So, in turn, you fall asleep easily.

Acupuncture for insomnia is an extremely popular technique and practiced widely. Acupuncture for sleep apnea is also immensely effective because it is capable of strengthening your tongue and does not allow you to block the airway.

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Is acupuncture appropriate for you?

How does acupuncture work is one of the most important questions that most individuals keep asking. If you face any problem with sleeping, the first and most important thing that you should do is visit your physician and understand whether you are going through any serious problem. There could be other issues that you may have to deal with differently first.

You should also discuss the medications that can be effective for you. Sometimes, doctors can also ask you to change your sleeping pattern and go through therapies like acupuncture. Acupuncture for sleep can be right for you but it is always suggested that you visit a professional first to know whether it will be perfect for you.

Benefits of acupuncture

Benefits of acupuncture
Acupuncture has myriad benefits when it comes to sleep related issues

Given below is a list of the benefits that are associated with acupuncture.

  • Proper sleep
  • High energy
  • Amazing mental clarity
  • Better digestion
  • Low levels of stress
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced allergy
  • Fewer headaches
  • Better fertility

After an acupuncture session, many people report feeling blissful and relaxed, and this feeling is popularly termed and known as ‘acu land’. As soon as this subsides, the individuals are going to experience all the benefits that are listed above. Acupuncture is one of the holistic treatments, which is capable of relieving both discomfort and pain.

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People who undergo acupuncture sessions are also not dependent on medication. Acupuncture for sleep disorders can kiss all your worries away if you are unable to get some decent shut eye. However, before you are booking your session, make sure that you are consulting your physician first.

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Can acupuncture really help with sleep problems?

It is clear that acupuncture for sleep is a tried and tested age-old method. While it is not necessary that it will work equally well for everyone, it certainly induces effects that are good for one’s health. It may not be as easy as popping sleeping pills but is definitely the better alternative to that.

With the right acupuncture points for sleep and your positive mindset, acupuncture for sleep will easily help you achieve the right sleeping patterns that you need. Our sleeping patterns determine a lot who we are as people. From our grogginess, mood swings to our everyday productivity, your sleep dictates much of who you are throughout the day.

With acupuncture for sleep, you can open the doors to a better lifestyle, lower stress levels, a calm attitude, reduced anxiety and much more.


1. Does acupuncture work for insomnia?

Absolutely. It has also been proven that it may be better than Western medication even.

2. How many acupuncture treatments needed for sleep disorders?

This depends entirely on the severity of the disorder. Usually, 6-8 treatments or appointments are a decently helpful range. However, one may need more if their condition is worse.

3. What are the 5 acupuncture points for sleep apnea?

Here are a few that you may look into. CV17 or Conception Vessel, GV24.5 or Governing Vessel, GV16 or Governing Vessel 16, H7 or Heart 7 and K6 or Kidney 6. These are all for promoting restful sleep.

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