How Bollywood portrays sex on screen!

Bollywood movies have become an important part of Indian society these days. Though the craze of Hollywood series and English movies has increased in the past few years, still there is a long time when they will match Bollywood in India. The Indian youth and youngsters are more into watching movies as compared to the seniors of the society. Sex is an important part of the society, is now showcased on the big screen, especially from the last decade, sex scenes in Bollywood have increased at a rapid rate.

Sex scenes were always present in Bollywood movies, but it was not as open before as it is today. The sexualization of females has increased in the past couple of decades. If we watch movies from the 1960s and 70s, the females were shown decent and the scenes were all based in a single song, but now things have changed. Though the censor board these days seems active in cutting scenes, still the scenes are being showcased quite freely.

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The pre-independence Bollywood era was the most independent. The censor board did not pay much attention to the sex scenes depicted in the movies. After the independence of India, censor board started snuffing everything that was filmed. They came with the Cinematograph Act in 1952 which ultimately banned kissing scenes. Still, the scenes continued. The directors, instead of showing kissing scenes, started depicting sex scenes in the most hilarious ways. From flower touching to feet touching and to burning fires, Bollywood started the scenes of prostitution and item songs.

Since the late 90s, there has been a drastic change in the social, sexual and moral scenes of the movies. The popular depiction of sex became the songs with hot choreography that ended up either with closing doors or fighting feet with the next scene to be early morning.

As of now, the sex scenes are being portrayed openly on the big screens. Thr Bollywood movies are being sold these days and the only reason being the sex scenes.


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