How Do I Deal with a Wife who is Constantly Lying?

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I believe my wife has a habit of lying (over things). It could be small, everyday things. It could be the big things. And it is not just with me, I see her fibbing with her friends, with her relatives. I don’t know what to do. I have broached this topic with her – it hurts her ego, and she never admits to it. Ours is an arranged marriage. I now realise, that she has lied about many things. Once, when confronted, she said, that I would have never agreed to marry her if she had been truthful about certain things. What do I do? I know, marriage involves compromises but her constant fibbing is getting to me.

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Compulsive lying is one of the major symptoms of low self-esteem. For whatever reason/s in the past, an individual’s brain develops lying as a coping and defence mechanism, essentially it means that the person is convinced that lying is the only way they can “survive in this punishing and judgmental world.” Truth might have come at a heavy price for them in the past, and thereby making them blind to the fact that lying too has its dire consequences.

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