How do I know if he loves me?

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Q: How do I know if a man is genuinely in love with me or if I am just a passing fancy?

A: Dear Curious, honestly speaking, all love starts with fancy…a guy will move ahead with you if you strike his fancy first. Then, if you see him making genuine efforts to put you first in his life, to choose to spend time with you, to tell you that he misses you when you’re not around, to be willing to make you comfortable and to be willing for you to meet his closest social circle (this is a sure sign!), then you can be sure that he is genuinely into you. Whether it progresses to long-term love will depend on how you respond to his gestures and how you two develop this bond together and not let it get plagued by insecurities and overthinking! Good luck!

8 ways to know whether he loves you or is into it just for sex

I found a soulmate in a man other than my husband

I found a soulmate in a man other than my husband

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