How do I know I’m satisfying my girlfriend in bed?

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Q: My girlfriend does not squirt during sex, does that mean I am not satisfying her?

A: There is a difference between lubrication and squirting, and many people get confused. Physiologically, lubrication occurs in the vaginal walls during sexual arousal. This could increase during heightened sexual excitement. Women differ in the amount of vaginal lubrication produced. Even in the same woman, the lubrication may differ from time to time and it depends upon the intensity of stimulation provided.

A few women do report squirting of fluid at the time of orgasm, but this is rare. Female ejaculation is an entity which remains to be proven.

So if she does not squirt, it does not mean she is not enjoying it or reaching climax. The signs of having had an orgasm are quite fleeting. The best way to find out is to ask your partner

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