Affair and Cheating

How do I look beyond the indignity of being cheated?

The underlying feeling is one of deep shame, writes a friend to Raksha Bharadia
Back of a Woman

A few days back I received an email from a person I have known and interacted with for years. Here is what she wrote:

“Oh, the irony of it! I exchanged an email with Raksha on the ***** of March, telling her that I would write something for Bonobology – all the time wondering if there’s anything for me to really write about. My life was perfect.  I knew nothing of infidelity, of betrayal, of loss. Little did I know that life would teach me all about it. And the very next day too!

“On the ***** of March, my husband of 10 years came home early to tell me that he’s met someone. I asked him if she was an Indian woman. Later, this moment of truth would remind me of Emily Dickinson’s poem ‘I heard a fly buzz when I died’. At that moment, however, it seemed like an urgent bit of information!

jealous woman
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  1. I can totally understand- while I did not feel any shame then, I accepted and understood my husband- but I had an undying faith in my love for him and a misplaced sense of loyalty and belief that he WILL come back to me. When it didn’t happen, I came to stay with my parents- mental abuse leaves worse scars than physical. I feel a sense of shame at times when people ask address my Mom as my kid’s Dadi and I have to correct them.
    I am not sorry for what happened:I got over it, I healed and it made me who I am.
    If someone’s cheating, it’s a reflection on the other person’s flawed beliefs and values-it’s got NOTHING to do with you. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.
    Never doubt yourself.

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