How he kept his love letter secret

In an era of e-mail, WhatsApp, Skype calls and Snapchat, who writes a letter these days? In the age of instant gratification, there is no need to wait for anything, no real separation. You can see your loved ones anytime, anywhere on your mobile. However, if you have ever received a handwritten letter, you will know that the excitement of receiving that letter cannot be matched by the online forms of communication that we have today.

The joy and beauty of receiving a letter are enhanced by the wait and the eagerness to receive it. After days of waiting, you can hardly contain yourself from opening it and reading what is inside.

Secret love letter
Secret love letter

Writing it by hand gives it a personal touch that is hard to replicate. We receive hundreds of messages a day on our mobiles and delete it in an instant without a second thought. But a letter, on the other hand, is something to be kept and cherished forever. Something that will give you joy even when you open it and read it after years! The joy for the sender is to pen down and express their feelings to someone. The happiness gets doubled though when you write a love letter to your fiancée. So, he finally decided to write her a letter and express his love for her.They were enjoying a sweet phase of life, the golden time between their engagement and wedding. It was an arranged marriage. Just a few months ago, they were complete strangers, totally unknown to each other. But by the time they got engaged, they had come much closer. They were still in the phase of exploring and knowing each other, doing silly things to make each other happy and of course giving small surprises.

They lived in different cities at that time and he thought that a letter would be a really nice surprise for her. He wanted to write down everything that he felt for her. He wanted to tell her how much he missed her throughout the day and how excited he was about living life together. He put the pen to paper and wrote the letter.

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He realised that he had to send this letter to her office address. But what if somebody else opened it, assuming it to be an official letter? Her colleagues would surely tease her if they somehow got their hands on this letter first. There had to be some sort of code through which only she would understand and nobody else would be able to read it. Suddenly it clicked and he got a unique idea: a letter written in mirror image! This way he ensured that even if someone else got the letter, they wouldn’t be able to read it; at least not easily.

She got the letter and called him an innocent query, “How am I supposed to read it?” He smiled and asked her to get a mirror. She could not believe that he wrote the entire letter in mirror image. His feelings reached her through the letter and she was completely overwhelmed. It was the most exciting and joyful moment that they had shared and it brought them even closer. It is small surprises like these which keep the love in your life intact and growing.
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