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How Hema, Sunny, Dharmendra are bonding over electoral stunts

The Deols are using every trick up their sleeves to bring the votes to their family

The Deols – Dharmendra, Hema Malini and Sunny Deol – are showing India what it is to come together as a family to fight the elections. For the last few days Hema Malini has been fervently campaigning in her constituency Mathura in UP. Her rallies have been immense crowd-pullers, especially the ones where hubby Dharmendra has been present to lend his support, braving the heat of UP in April.

Dharmendra and Hema Malini
When Hema Malini contested the elections in 2014 from BJP and won, Dharmendra didn’t campaign for her. He actually didn’t need to because it was evident that the people of Mathura were rooting for his star wife. But this time she is on shaky ground. There are complaints that she has hardly visited her constituency in the last five years and has been branded an absentee MP. So there was Dharmendra, mouthing dialogues from Sholay standing next to his wife, who looked rather out-of-place in designer sunglasses and a mint colored saree with golden border.
In perfect Veeru style he said: “Gaon walo, vote karna.

In perfect Veeru style he said: “Gaon walo, vote karna.

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At their house in Mathura before the campaign. Image Source

Apparently, Dharmendra’s appearance is expected to help in pulling the 30 per cent Jat vote in the Mathura constituency. So when the need arises, it’s Hema Malini’s 83-year-old husband who rushes to her side to pull in the crowds and the vote. Before hubby reached Mathura, Hema Malini did everything for the cameras though. From cutting hay to drawing water from a hand pump to riding a tractor to cuddling babies, she went all out to prove that she was with the people of her constituency.

Dharmendra and Sunny Deol
Dharmendra is not only rooting for his wife, this time he has to be with this son as well. Sunny Deol joined BJP recently and is contesting from Gurdaspur in Punjab. Dharmendra, who was the BJP MP in Bikaner after winning the 2004 elections, said: “We don’t know ABC of politics but we are patriots.”
This is indeed a master stroke by father. Everyone knows Sunny Deol’s patriotic films like Border, Gadar, Ghatak and Ghayal is likely to work in his favour. Dharmendra just keeps harping on the word patriotic. Although, during his tenure in Biknaner, there were a lot of controversies about him being an absentee MP, but Dharmendra promptly added while talking to the press that his son would do as much in Gurdaspur as he did in Bikaner.

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Sunny, on the other hand, roped in another Deol – brother Bobby, to accompany him while filing his nomination. The brothers went to Golden Temple to pray before Sunny filed his nomination. Plan is that Sunny’s brother and father will be campaigning for him in Gurdaspur. Looks like Dharmendra has a lot of running around to do this elections to support his family.

Looks like Dharmendra has a lot of running around to do this elections to support his family.

Sunny Deol with Bobby Deol filing the nomination at Gurdaspur. Image Source

Sunny Deol and Hema Malini
Hema Malini, who is just 8 years older than her 62-year-old stepson Sunny, is usually tight lipped about their relationship and both refrain from commenting on each other. The only time she spoke openly about him was when she had an accident on the highway in Rajasthan in 2014 and Sunny was the first to reach her. Now Hema Malini is talking about Sunny and supporting his decision to contest the elections saying he believes in BJP. “It is a very good decision. He has a big fan following,” she said.

Her daughter Esha Deol also urged people to vote for her mother and her brother and make the right choice.

This Lok Sabha Elections have indeed become a Deol family affair.



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