How Much Money Should My Husband Give Me?

My friend’s husband wanted her to be a homemaker because he wanted her to give the children attention and be there for them. My friend, a mother of two, did not mind at all. But what bothered her most was she never had any money to spend for herself. The money her husband gave her was to run the household and every night she was expected to give an account of the expenses. If she spent any on herself her husband got angry. Everything was perfect in her life but she suffered greatly for this aspect. She never went out with friends or had shopping dates with the girls because she never had a penny in her purse.

How Much Money Should My Husband Give Me?

My friend’s situation made me ask the question: How much money should my husband give me?

I used to have a good job. But I quit because of a complicated pregnancy and chose to stay home after my son was born. I have my own savings to fall back upon.

My husband does not mind either if I shop or go out with friends and hands me some dough when I am out but there is no fixed amount that he gives me every month. I am not a spendthrift and my sojourns with friends are limited too, so whatever he hands me is good enough.

I don’t know what he would have done if he had a wife swiping a connected credit card all the time. He probably would have become one grumpy husband.

But do I deserve an amount every month?

This is a question that has been coming to my mind for some time now. We do save quite a bit of money because I am at home. If I had been working we would have had to employ a nanny or send my son to a good crèche which would have cost us a bomb. Then we would have had to hire a cook because in my media job my long hours wouldn’t have allowed me to come home and cook.

Why do men get shocked when their homemaker wives spend
Why do men get shocked when their homemaker wives spend?

I am doing all that now. Do I deserve some money to call my own every month?

I keep a whole-day job now

When I was working I contributed equally to the household expenses. I am very forgetful, so sometimes I would leave for office without cash in my purse. My husband very lovingly used to put cash in there. Something he doesn’t do anymore because I am not leaving home. It hurts me. But I have never told him anything.

When I had a job I used to work for 10 to 12 hours a day. But now as a homemaker, I work 24×7 – literally. It’s exhausting to look after a 2-year-old, keeping home, cooking and doing every possible thing. The groceries and bills are also my responsibility since I am at home now. I don’t mind that.

Since I am doing a good job at home my husband can concentrate on his job outside and comes home to warm food and clean couches.

What amount should I fix?

So should I be asking him to deposit a fixed amount in my account every month? Do I not deserve something monetarily for my backbreaking days?

But how much should my husband give me? Let him come home tonight I will discuss with him.

What amount should I fix?
What amount should I fix?

I think $500 a month would be decent. That’s nowhere near the $ 8,000 that I earned on my job but I can’t expect either. With $500 I will be happy. I can buy all the books in the world (my obsession), a few lipsticks (my second obsession), a pair of shoes maybe every other month, some plants for the balcony and coffee with my friends once in a while. I already feel rich.

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