How or why I should love myself naked

Love your birthday suit

Jockey may be the next best thing to naked, but nothing beats the real thing. Have you ever tried it? Being naked for no apparent reason? Have you tried being naked for nobody else but you? Have you ever sat down to work at home naked on a hot summer night? Have you sung to yourself while cooking your breakfast butt naked? You should. You should fall in love with yourself naked. That is how you came to this world and that is the most original version of you. So without inhibitions or taboo, start loving yourself.

What do you see in the mirror?

What do you see in the mirror? When you are getting ready in the morning or dressing up for a party in the evening: What do you actually see? You don’t see yourself, not really. You see only the face that you want to share with the rest of the world. You want to look a certain way so that nobody is uncomfortable with how you look. But in that way you deprive yourself of self-love. You miss out on looking at the real you. Go to the mirror right now: undress in front of it, passionately and seductively. Look into your eyes and then glance at that body of yours. Your naked body, your naked self, deserves your appreciation and validation. This doesn’t always have to come from your intimate romantic partner; it just needs personal acknowledgement.

Woman infront of mirror
You want to look a certain way so that nobody is uncomfortable with how you look.

Know your body

Know your body, look at yourself naked, feel yourself naked, touch yourself naked. Every day we go out into the world and as girls, we know how we are objectified on a regular basis. Sometimes someone looks at you in a particularly scathing way that makes you feel filthy, mucky and spoiled. Someone in the daily commute looks at you as if they are trying to undress you with their eyes and your skin crawls. You can’t poke everyone’s eyes out, though some of them may well deserve it. What you can do is provide your body with the shield of your own look. So know your body, girls, that is the only way to own it and that can only be done naked. And then when someone is looking at you lecherously, you know that they can never see you the way you see yourself.

Gain confidence

Your beauty lies in your confidence and a sure way to get it is by loving yourself naked. If you know yourself naked, every curve and corner, every line and texture you will know real confidence. You will know how your boobs look without a bra and won’t be afraid of taking it off. You will know how your legs and feet feel and then you can never torture them with impossible shoes. Then finally you will be comfortable in your skin while the rest of the world will try to take that comfort away from you. Trust me, it is therapeutic.

Gain confidence
Your beauty lies in your confidence and a sure way to get it is by loving yourself naked

Not a womb, not an object

When you shed your clothes in front of the mirror, only for yourself, try to shed all the inhibitions and prejudice. You are not born to serve, you are not born to fulfil other’s demands, you are not just the daughter, sister, wife or mother, your purpose in life is not to please others. You may dress up for others, but you should be naked for yourself. Touch yourself intimately, touch yourself sexually: this body deserves all the love it demands. Put your fingers down there and play with yourself naked. This body is not only meant for giving pleasure to others; keep the best feelings for yourself for when you are alone and naked.

Create yourself

Create yourself
If you love yourself naked and feel comfortable in your skin, then you can start building yourself from scratch.

Fashion is what they say you should be like; style is your individual expression. So once you really know yourself, then you can pick and choose how to look for others without compromising on yourself. You will now look for comfort more than false pretension. Now you know yourself intimately and you know what you can carry off. Now you don’t have to dress up to impress anybody but only to satisfy yourself. Colour your hair, pierce your tongue, change your eye shadow or take up wearing only saris: The world is your oyster and the sky is the limit when you have gained your confidence by loving yourself naked. Now when you look at the mirror, you can be proud of the complete woman looking back at you with a smile on her lips and a spark in her eyes.

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  1. Totally agreed!!!

    We all want to feel good in our own skin. Isn’t it?

    If there’s one thing that’s become clear to me over the last few years, it’s this: Nearly every woman I meet, work with is perfect but struggles with her body image. So, women, we are all perfect, our body is just perfect. We need to embrace it and feel confident about it! Touch your body, feel it, relax and enjoy!

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