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How to deal with a drunken husband

Drunk husband

Romance in the air

I and Rahul had been friends for a long time. We met each other in the coaching class. We had lots of things to share and care. I was bewitched by his charming personality. He always had an innocent smile on his face. His fascinating ways were a treasure to me. I felt lucky that he had chosen me as his girlfriend. We never arranged a meeting and kept running into each other. I would walk through the lane over to our coaching institute, watching as he came along from the opposite direction. I felt mesmerized and would feel jealous if he talked to any other girl. He helped me with my notes. We exchanged our opinions about the changing trends as we were students of sociology. He would always refer to getting rid of the inhibitions about drinking alcohol. He felt it was a status symbol. He also used to mention it as a stepping stone to success. I never knew at that time that this stepping stone would bring disaster to my life.

Tied the knot

It was after five years when our friendship culminated in marriage. We belonged to different communities, but that was not a hindrance to our getting united. Our parents decided to tie the knot and the wedding was performed with solemn grandeur. Both the families showed their pleasure that finally, we had decided to stay together.

Alcohol takes its course

Despite a few awkward situations, we felt we were the most blessed couple. He would go to his office, would come back in the evening like a dutiful husband and would take me to eat out most of the days. But the most despicable thing for me was that he would come back drunk and would make love to me. I loved him like anything but started getting irritated when his drinking habit superseded everything.

“Why do you drink so much?” I would ask, helping him undress and putting him down on the bed. He would not be in a position to reply, yet would utter “Success—-Success”.

Bank balance disrupted

It was just after two months of our marriage that I realized he spent all his money on drinking alcohol. He started borrowing from others. He began to steal money. I was a mess. Every day he would come drunk, vomit and start abusing me. I was all at sea.

Was this the man who never used a bad word in his life? Was this the man who caressed and loved me like a prince? But I thought he must have been undergoing some stress as he had left the previous job and had opted for a new one.

Caressed him like a baby

Despite the nonsense abusive language, I took him in my arms and caressed him like a baby trying to erase the stress out of his mind.

Made him drink lots of water every day

I used to hide the bottles and made him drink a lot of water. I replaced the alcohol with coffee.

Fed him with nuts

I fed him with nuts and high- protein diet. Everyday I used to accompany him to the movies instead of the liquor-shops he used to visit.

Inspired his hidden talent for painting

I used to sit with him as if doing the homework of our child to let him express his hidden feelings through painting that he was very good at.

Offered cardamoms to chew every time

I offered him cardamoms that he chewed every time and felt a bit relieved.

Treated him with patience and medicines too

I consulted the specialist from Rehabilitaion centres gave him medicine and dealt the thing patiently. I had to balance my work from home.

I was fortunate enough to instigate his will-power to get rid of the bad habit with patience.

Support from the family

Without my family’s support, it would have been impossible for me to get back my dear hubby back to his place.

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  1. Thank you so much! Patience and tolerance can make you the winner.However it is easier to talk than to perform.

  2. I salute the love of the couple. His husband might have been influenced but because of the wife’s patience and husband’s willingness to change everything has been resolved.

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