How to explain divorce to your children?

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Children are probably the most affected when a marriage ends in divorce. No matter how old they are, divorce of parents come as a big shock to their children. That is why it is very important for parents to explain divorce to a child.

This is probably one of the most difficult conversations that any parent might have to have with their kids. Here are some tips to help you understand how to explain divorce to your children.

Talk to your children together

Experts have suggested that both parents need to sit down together to tell their children about the divorce decision. It is important to show that both parents emphasize the fact their love for the child(ren) hasn’t changed.

Don’t blame each other

Regardless of whose fault it may be, you must always avoid blaming each other when explaining divorce to your children. It is best to keep your words neutral, and blame-free. There is no need to make your child feel the need to choose sides.

Keep your facts basic

Experts suggest telling your children simple and basic facts when discussing an impending divorce. Both parents need to talk calmly, without anger and explain the facts in a logical manner.

Plan out the discussion

Before you break the news, it is important that both parents are prepared about how to discuss divorce with your child. Anticipate questions that they may ask, no matter how difficult, and how you want to answer them.

Make your discussion age-appropriate

Modify the amount of details you give to your child, depending on their age. Young children are more likely to accept the situation without many questions. Older children maybe able to accept the harder truths, but it is best to avoid getting into negative details.

Managing joint custody of children

Sharing the custody of children after divorce is not always easy to manage. You need to coordinate with someone with whom you may not have seen eye to eye in the recent past. However, managing joint custody of children can be done, with a little bit of cooperation, respect, and control over the emotions.

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