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How to feel more confident in bed

Despite the pep talks we give ourselves, there are the tiny stretch marks or 'pizza bumps' that tend to show. Here are a few tricks to help boost your confidence and libido in bed- Moumita Chatterjee explains
Yellow Couch and Legs

Well, let’s start with talking about your significant other – your bed.

Isn’t it the most glorious feeling when at the end of the tiring day, your bed is just waiting for you to collapse into it, just so that it can give you the comfort, warmth and peace you were clearly craving?

So it’s safe to say you and your bed share a great rapport, just like you and your bff on snapchat; sharing ugly selfies all day with utmost ease and self confidence. So when a certain someone gets in your equation, things are bound to be a little awkward.

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  1. The point is, insecurity is a natural part of being human, and it can pop up when we least expect it, and in areas that we least expect it, like our sex lives. Though it may seem daunting, gaining confidence in the bedroom is surprisingly simple. Following these tips will surely make you confident in bed! I have tried few of the tips and it worked! So, go for it!

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