How to get a legal share of my husband’s family property?

Legal Alimony

Q: I left my husband briefly for a while because of torture by him and my in-laws. He took me back after a year because of our two children, but he verbally and physically abuses me, to the point that I attempted suicide. He never let me have any money although I was working. My father-in-law left his property in my children’s names but my husband is not giving me any financial support. He is threatening to throw me out of the house and file a case saying that I’m going to attempt suicide in the house and blame him falsely. Is there some recourse to law I can have to get a share of the property?

A: There are 3 options available:
1. We can seek stay for staying in the matrimonial home by filing an application in the Family Court

2.  We can also file an application before the family court for maintenance under Section 125 of the CRPC.

3.  Further, we can also make an application for suitable accommodation under the Domestic Violence Act before the concerned Magistrate.

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