How to handle a partner who cheats on you and lies about it

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Cheating partner

During a QA session on Bonobology Facebook, Prachi Vaish, a counsellor on Bonobology and renowned psychologist answers a question of a user about how to deal with a cheating partner.

How to deal with a cheating partner?

First and foremost, you should never assume that your partner is cheating on you or having an affair behind your back. Assumption kills the relationship slowly like a poison. So unless you do not have a surefire proof that something is indeed happening which shouldn’t happen, you just cannot make assumptions and act on the same. Find some concrete proof. You don’t have to obsess about finding a proof that would 100% prove that your partner is indulging in infidelity but get your hands on something substantial that you can be sure of; that’ll be enough for you to question your significant other.

Cheating partner signs

There can be a lot of times when your husband (or men, in general) might become aloof or go hiding in his cave. Men often do that. But it doesn’t always have to mean that his behaviour is due to something that’s related to you. Aloofness is not always a sign of an extra-marital affair or a lack of connection with you. If something is bothering your husband, he might want to focus on that. Men generally compartmentalize various issues in different boxes. In their minds, they often forget that the way they are dealing with some issues might affect the people around them simply because their focus is just on their problem at hand. So what seems like cheating partner signs might not actually be that at all.

Cheating in a relationship can be a deal-breaker and you shouldn’t ruin your relationship just on the basis of your doubts.

Communication is a golden key in any relationship so talk things out. It might be something other than what you’re thinking.

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