How To Impress Your Husband – 21 Unconventional Ideas

December 30, 2021 |
how to impress husband
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Do you look back at the honeymoon phase of your marriage and wonder where did those days go when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Instead of lamenting over the lost spark, why not take matters into your own hands and impress your husband in ways that will make him see you in a new light?

As responsibilities and mundane routines tighten their grip over a marriage, rosy moments of romance and intimacy can become fleeting. While it can be disconcerting, it is no reflection of the love you and your spouse have for each other.

The fact that you’re together and building a life yourselves is testament enough.

As long as you’re bound by the bond of love, that spark can be revived. The onus of it shouldn’t fall squarely on your spouse. You too can – and must – take the initiative to go the extra mile and attract your husband all over again.

21 Unconventional Ways To Impress And Attract Your Husband

Luckily for you, it doesn’t take rocket science to impress your husband and make him fall in love with you again. All you need to know is how to string the right chords in his heart.

If waiting for him in a sexy black dress with a rosebud pursed between your lips sounds too over the top and impractical, here are 21 unconventional way to impress and attract your husband:

1. Shower him with love

Want to make your husband love you again? How about leading by example? Express your love and emotions for him as clearly and explicitly as possible. By and far, men are clueless when it comes to processing hints and veiled comments.
So, put your true emotions out there by saying ‘I love you’ often and telling him how much he means to you.

2. Slip him love notes

Writing mushy notes when you’ve been married for years can seem a little silly and childish. But then, since when have matters of the heart been driven by logic and practicality.

If you pack his lunch, you can hide a little note there now and then. Or slip it into the pocket of his jacket while he is getting ready for work. Rest assured, when he chances upon it, it will make him grin like a smitten teenager.

3. Cook for him

Yes, we’re tapping into the age-old ‘way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ adage. So, put a Sunday afternoon to good use and cook him his favorite meal. We guarantee you, your husband will be floored.

Even if your cooking skills aren’t particularly on-point, he will appreciate you making the effort. For the extra cherry on top, ask his mom for the recipe of his favorite childhood dish and whip that up.

4. Greet him with a smile

Reflect on what’s the scene at home like when it’s time for your husband to come back from work. If you’re home at the time, you’re probably busy fixing dinner, getting things organized for the next day. In case you have kids, you’re also perhaps getting them to finish their homework. When your husband walks in, you barely acknowledge him.

If he gets home before you, he’s probably doing the same or is plunked in front of the TV. Sounds about right?

As they say, small changes add up to big results. Start by making sure you greet him with a warm and welcoming smile when you see each other at the end of a long, hard day. This little gesture can go a long way in melting his heart. You can impress your husband with your thoughtfulness.

5. Be informed

Men find intelligence extremely stimulating. If you want to attract your husband again, work on that aspect and stay up-to-date with the goings-on in the world. Yes, with professional and domestic responsibilities, you may not exactly have time to read the newspaper at leisure every morning.

But in this digital age, you don’t have to! You can download a news app or just browse Twitter while commuting to work (assuming you don’t drive).

6. Take interest in his interests

Whether your husband enjoys golfing, sports, cars or gadgets, take some initiative to learn a little bit about his areas of interest. Your husband will be floored if one day you start talking to him about torque, horsepower and turning radius. He will see you in a new light for sure.

7. Take him on a date

To make your husband love you again, pamper him a little. Plan a surprise date night for him, show up at his office with flowers, drive him to the venue of your date and make him feel like the king of your world.

And he’ll treat you like a queen.

8. Pay attention to your looks

Messy buns, PJs, flip flops – look in the mirror and pay attention to what you see. Chances are ever you wouldn’t be attracted to you in that state. To impress your husband so that they notice you, start paying attention to your looks.

Doing up your hair, applying a little gloss on the lips, a hint of perfume – indulging in a little vanity can go a long way in rekindling the romance.

9.Take care of yourself

Don’t let the pressures of adult life take your focus off yourself. Rather than fretting and wondering why do married women gain weight or missing your old fit and in shape self, start taking care of your body.

Eat healthy – even if it means putting extra effort in the kitchen – make time to exercise, and nurture your body and mind. Love yourself to make your husband love you again.

10. Bring on your flirting A-game

Shed your inhibitions about what it’ll be like to flirt with your man after all these your togetherness. Bring back the displays of affection and playfulness in your marriage to revive those old days of romance.

Steal kisses when no one is looking, spank him when you’re passing each other by in the hallway, nibble on his earlobes. It’ll surely heat things between you both.

11. Learn some new moves

Want to impress your husband in bed? Brush up your skills by learning some new moves. You can refer to magazines and online resources to see how to spice up your connection in the bedroom.

Or if you’re okay with it, you can watch some porn to take your lovemaking skills to a whole new level.

12. Take initiative in the bedroom

Speaking of wanting to impress your husband in bed, take the initiative to get things going. Most men appreciate women taking the lead in bed, and if he is like most men, your husband will be floored by your actions.

If you have been going through a bit of a dry spell, slipping into his favorite set of sexy lingerie will definitely do the trick. You can also shop for newer, more sizzling variants to take him by complete surprise.

13. Pay attention to personal hygiene

Untamed hair growth, foul smell down there, unbrushed teeth are a big turn-off, for men and women alike. So, if you want to revive your intimacy, it is important to pay attention to these little details.

Don’t get lax on those bikini wax appointments. Brush and floss before bed and clean yourself up, so that you are desirable. Of course, he must return the favor by not being a slob himself.

14. Bring back the pillow talk

No matter how bone tired you are or how much you have on your plate the next day, take some time each night to talk to your husband. It will improve communication between you both, and reopen the gates that get jammed due to lack of attention and effort.

Communication is one of the most crucial cornerstones of a healthy marriage. Prioritize it to be in tune with your spouse’s thoughts and feelings.

15. Use thoughtful gestures

It’s a stereotypical misconception that only women like to be showered with gifts. Men are no different really. He may not expect it from you but if you do get him a gift every now and then just because, your gesture will surely impress your husband.

These gifts don’t have to be lavish or luxurious. Say you’re out shopping and see a shirt that you think will look good on him, just buy it. It’ll let him know that he is on your mind even when he is not around.

16. Be his friend

Don’t confine yourself to the role of a life partner, become your husband’s friend if you want to build a connection that will remain unfazed no matter what the circumstances. Joke around, have fun with him. Lend a patient ear when he needs to vent. Be his source of encouragement and support when he is low. Be his biggest cheerleader when he succeeds.

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17. Give him some ‘me time’

Yes, it is a somewhat unconventional approach to impress and attract your husband but trust us it works. When he wants to hang with his buddies to blow some steam off, don’t be the spouse who pulls a face or creates a scene.

If he needs some time alone to unwind after a tough day, let him be. Maybe fix him a drink and leave him alone with his thoughts.

18. Be independent

Want to make sure that your husband loves and cherishes you? Be independent and an equal partner in marriage. Instead of being solely reliant on him for your financial, emotional or other needs, strive to be the partner who can support him in every way possible, if the need arises.

19. Compliment him

To make your husband love you again, you must make him feel appreciated. Showering your man with compliments is the best way to do that. You could compliment him for his qualities, looks or what he brings to the marriage.

Anything from ‘you look hot in that blue shirt’ to ‘I love how thoughtful you are’ can work wonders. Even more so, if you have started taking each other for granted over the years.

20. Do something nice for his family

His parents and siblings are an important part of his life – and have been so long before you came along. While marriage is a bond between two people, it also serves as a bridge that links you to your husband’s family. You can use your relationship with your in-laws to strengthen your marriage.

One rather unorthodox way to impress your husband is to do something nice for his family from time to time. Take his mom out for lunch, plan a shopping trip with his sister, host a family get-together at your home.

These gestures will go a long way to warm up his heart to you all over again.

21. Be open to experimenting in bed

Variety is truly the spice of life when it comes to matters of physical intimacy. Shed your inhibitions and be open to trying new things. From different positions to soft bondage, blindfolds, eating stuff off each other’s bodies, talking dirty and role-playing, there is so much you can do to impress and attract your husband – and blow his mind in the process.

Now that you know what it takes to rekindle the spark in a marriage and make your husband love you again, go put these ideas into action. And make them a way of life, so that you never have to worry about growing out of tune.


1. Can I impress my husband after years of marriage?

Yes, with the right moves and actions you can impress your husband and make him fall in love with you all over again even after years of marriage.

2. How do I make my husband feel special?

You can make your husband feel special by showering him with love, paying attention to him, and prioritizing him above everything else.

3. How can I keep my husband interested in me?

Taking care of yourself, making an effort to look and stay attractive and giving importance to physical intimacy in a marriage are some ways to keep your husband interested in you.

4. How can I make my husband love me?

By loving him, understanding him and catering to his physical and emotional needs, you can make your husband love you.

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