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How to woo a college boy

College days are the adventurous days of our life. College people are always in a mood to explore. So you can take advantage of it and try to woo a boy you want to attract towards you. Don’t try to fake but impress him by the way you are. Still, some change will be needed to woo him.

Here are some tips that you should keep in your head to get your desired boy’s attention towards you:

  • First and foremost things are how you look, how you dress up. In addition to that you should know how to use body language to attract a boy.
  • Be helpful regarding notes and be his partner in projects, as this will fetch you time to be with him and know him more.
  • Take interest in his sport and be his personal cheerleader on the ground.
  • Sometimes use your body language seduction techniques as well to get his attention on you. Try to give him visible bodily signals like biting your lips, flipping your hair, brushing up against him accidentally on purpose.
  • Be his gossip buddy and talk about his likes.
  • Ask him for favours not only for homework but for other personal help as well.
  • Massage his male ego by telling him to do heavy stuff. Ask him to lift your heavy shopping bags or your heavy laptop bag.
  • Take him for eating out and don’t miss a chance of coming close to him.
  • Try to become a part of his group but don’t get too involved with any of his male friends.

So keep your head on straight and make your college days memorable and not regrettable. Be confident, smart and sporty. Never miss a chance to woo your college guy.

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