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How to woo a college girl

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You are in college only once. Those of us who are already past that phase in life fondly look back at those memories, wishing we could go back. College is arguably the best time in life for most. With very little or no worries at all, friends around you all the time and parties whenever you want them, it’s very difficult to imagine anything better. However, we don’t want to overlook the most important aspect of college life for a guy. Girls!

College is the single best opportunity for most men to pick up women. The chances of you being in the regular vicinity of hot women are the highest in college. It always goes downhill from there. So if you are in college and reading this, take action. NOW!

The first step of wooing a woman in college is to know where to meet them. Libraries, cafeterias, student activity groups and parties are some of the best places. All you have to figure out is which one works the best for you.

Once you have got that figured out, you have to make yourself good enough for women to notice you. This doesn’t refer to movie star looks and a Greek god physique. Basic things like smart clothes, properly groomed hair and fresh breath do wonders in wooing college girls. You would be surprised at how many people get these simple things wrong!

Girls in college fall for guys who have attractive personalities. They love men who are comfortable with themselves and don’t appear needy. To attract women in college, it’s important to have an air of positivity around you. Hang out with fun people, smile more often, have a good sense of humor and don’t be afraid to show everybody who you are.

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