My husband is leaving me because of my mother in-law

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ne lady asked for marriage counselling advice from our Bonobology counsellor Prachi Vaish. She had been married for six years and had kids too. Her mother-in-law had always been overbearing since the beginning of their marriage.

The mother-in-law was overly possessive

Since the MIL only had one son and no husband, perhaps she became overtly possessive of him. According to this lady, her mother-in-law had always been under the control of the green-eyed monster called jealousy.

Husband sides with mother-in-law

The main issue is the fact that her husband sees absolutely nothing wrong with his mother’s actions and words. The mother-in-law never respected her son’s wife, and the husband has turned an oblivious eye to the situation. Now after six years, the couple’s relationship has hit rock bottom, and they’re about to be divorced.

Prachi Vaish advised

In India, a son is always sandwiched between his mother and wife. Their best escape is not dealing with either their mother or wife’s grievances, but that doesn’t make things alright. The best way to get through this would be to communicate and go to a marriage counsellor if needed.

Watch the video to see what our counsellor suggested this woman todo!

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