Husband lost his hearing and that has left him short tempered and mean

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My best friend has a problem with her husband. He lost his hearing ability recently. As if that was not enough he has also started looking at other women. He fights with my friend daily. Also, his not being able to hear his little child’s voice leaves him upset. He is at the edge of losing his control over the mind. My friend is tense. She does not know how to handle this problem which has so many dimensions. No one can help her. What should she do?

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Counsellor Snigdha Mishra says:
Dear Friend,

These problems are understandable. Being a caregiver is extremely taxing because you’re not only looking after the ill but also managing their distress , emotional upset and behavioural change, but also going through a lot of distress yourself. But this is also a very tricky situation because imagine the pain and frustration the husband may be going through with the sudden disability. Its unfortunate that our medical system doesn’t make mental health care and support mandatory in such cases.

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I suggest that the couple either takes help of a psychologist to help cope with these changes together or your friend can choose to take help alone. I would suggest therapy as a couple because its having an impact on them as a family.

All the best,

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