My husband loves me, but calls my parents frauds

He helped them financially for a while but now hates them
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Dear ma’am,

After 3 years of marriage I am really confused about what my husband actually is. I am from the middle class and he is educated, earns decently and is well off (at least his parents own a house.) Things started when my parents lost my jewellery to the bank owing to some loans. They tried hard to recover it but couldn’t. I value my parents more than money so it was not a big issue. I tried to make my in-laws and husband understand. Initially they could and my husband even helped them to pay off some debt by taking loans on his name where I and my sister pay him back monthly. Criticism started on day one of my delivery. I had told my father to ask my husband for help whenever there is shortfall of money. We had discussed and agreed also. But to my shock he didn’t help them. We had an argument about it and he started recounting old issues about jewels and what my parents did, etc. I cried for nearly two weeks thinking about all this. He left for his uncle’s place rather than being with me in hospital and since then we are having fights over it. He has developed a huge dislike towards my parents and calls them frauds, not even allowing me to help when they are in need, and nitpicking about each thing my mother does etc. I and my husband love each other very dearly. But this issue is straining our relationship.

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Jaseena Backer says:

Dear lady,

You must reflect on your last statement so that the thought process is set straight.

Reflect on love

You said your husband and you love each other. But if things have fallen apart due to financial issues, it is better for you to reflect on the love in the marriage. Any sincere

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