Husband not interested in sex

Even in my love marriage, husband not interested in me physically.
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Ours was a love marriage and we completed 11 years recently. I try to initiate sex, but most of the times, he doesn’t respond positively. Sometimes I feel very depressed. I feel undesirable, as he doesn’t make the first move. We spent weeks without sex. Please help.

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Avani Tiwari says:

Dear Lady,

Asexual marriages are not uncommon. However, the reasons [restrict]behind them can be manifold. If his asexual behaviour has been like this throughout and from the beginning then you need to sit with him and ask him the reason for this. Is it a case lack of desire or is there some other reason. More reliable will be a visit to a doctor who will be able to rule out any endocrine-related or other medical reason for his low libido. If all those tests results are clear, then you both can think about the ‘mid-march’. Which means finding a mid point between his and your expectations regarding sex. If you both are unable to reach a consensus or in case you cannot get through to him, you may need to see a sexologist for help.

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