My husband is supportive but I love another man

My husband is very supportive towards me but I can’t forget the other man.
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Dear ma’am,

I am married and I have two children. Both my husband and I are in good jobs and everything is going well. My husband is very supportive towards me. About a year ago someone else entered my life. We were acquaintances; we met for work and then began to meet frequently, and we began to talk often and got very close. I like that he talks to me, cares for me, but he was married too.

Then he had some problem in his family, he told me, because of which our interaction was reduced, but I constantly kept thinking about him. His behaviour was strange. Sometimes he would talk to me as if I meant the world to him and then suddenly he would go quiet. I was unable to understand. I also realise that I have my family, but my love for him is true so I can’t step back. I have found love after marriage, but I don’t want to wrong anyone, either his wife or my husband, but I am unable to forget him.

Should I carry on this nameless relationship with him or should I forget him?

Please guide me.

Kavita Panyam says:

Dear lady,

Your query is deep, as you not only want to be told whether you are right in

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