When husband and wife support opposing political parties

Shabri Prasad Singh

Religion and Politics have been a household topic for centuries now.

These days whichever house you go to, people are only talking about the Gujarat elections. Last night I was having dinner at my cousin’s house. Our family, including my cousin Saurabh, have been lifelong Congress devotees. My cousin’s wife, however, is a strong BJP supporter.
Predictably, a ‘spat’ began casually over the dinner table… as to who will win the elections in Gujarat tomorrow morning.

“Of course Congress will win! Haven’t you seen the shift in dynamics and persona of the Prince in Congress?” Saurabh said to my Bhabhi, eyes glistening passionately.

Bhabhi was gobsmacked. She couldn’t see any change in any dynamics or anyone’s persona whatsoever. But she was no less, she replied, “What are you saying, darling? Please remember the people’s choice is Modi-Modi.” Then dismissing the rest of the discussion she concluded with a, “You please stick to engineering, not that you are great at that either.”

“Look here, wifey,” Saurabh said with a low voice, simmering within, “What do you know about anything about Congress, your family worships the wrong party, the divisive party. You stick to your teaching and stop preaching!”

Bhabhi was completely charged up by now. She said, “Yes I can preach! I know all about your Prince and his reluctance about politics, while we have a prime minister whose life and breath is about serving the nation.”

As the rest of us sunk our heads into our dinner plates, their argument only escalated. My cousin went all in and began elucidating the perils of being a BJP supporter. He went on dissect the ‘disasters’ of demonetisation and GST. Bhabhi was in no mood to listen. A counter argument emerged as she began to rip open the old Congress wound. The corruption charges. The whole thing snowballed into a clash of ideologies in the normally lovey-dovey couple. By now, the rest of us had limbs shaking with nervousness and they were still going strong.

The dinner had got cold and the temperature in the room only went higher and higher with the tempers that flared. By now my cousin was red with anger and Bhabhi pink. She reached out and took away my cousin’s dinner plate as he was eating. Suddenly foodless and wifeless, my cousin was struck by an epiphany that the love of his life, his wife, may come from a different school of thought, but that does not lessen his affection for her in the least! Saying a quick bye to his anger, he went up to her in the kitchen and kissed her gently on the cheek. With a charming smile and great magnanimity he said, “May your party win, my cute pink gulaboo.” How could Bhabhi have resisted that? How could anyone have resisted? Bhabhi smiled and turned around and gave him a hug.
She quickly warmed up her husband’s plate of food and then we all had a good hearty meal.

This morning the female intuition had been proved right. After a lot of back and forth on the election result it was found that BJP in fact did win. Lesson learnt husbands, never argue with your wife over dinner and if you do immediately apologise. Because politics is not as important as your wife.

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