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Hello Reader’s,

This time I am writing on a very different topic i.e. Husbands-bechare even after being a girl.

I am writing after witnessing from my own eyes?

Seriously, husbands are like a potato inside a sandwich. They are pushed from both sides like in a debate there are two teams, one is for supporting the topic and the other is against the topic. But, very true that husbands are trashed by wifes in both the situation.

Yes! Being a wife of someone I am telling this because I have seen this since an year. My own experience with a little sad and little funny expressions.

Honestly speaking, my husband do alot for me. Whatever I need and I speak in front of him, I get it as soon as he can provide. He is very sweet. He is doing everything for me still in some or the way I doubt on him saying,’you don’t do anything for me’.. This happens mostly. For example: recently he took me to Darjeeling and Gangtok for our 1st wedding anniversary, and within a small fight I told him,’you do nothing for me’..

well, its quiet funny what wifes do with their husbands when you sit quietly and think. It is not good actually.

But, now I feel no husband can do bad for their own wife, whether she is good or bad. They will always take care of her like a bodyguard, yes! My husband do that. He is over protective for me and I like it.

I feel pity on my husband because he has to handle a lot of persecution. I’m sorry to my husband for this. I feel he is so sweet and kind to me that even after my tortures he is loving me and doing alot for me.

One more thing, ‘husbands are boss in the office under whom there are number of employees working but at home, they are an employee under a boss’, this is a practical fact.

You know what, this is what marriage really means. True relationship will always have some or the other problems, arguements.. I love my husband alot for handling me. And I also want to tell him that he is the one and only person who can lifetime handle me and my tantrums.  ??God has made us ‘One’, so he might be know that you are only that men who can be by my side forever untill the last breath.

Love you till the last breath!!❤❤

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