My husband’s family considers me their servant

My husband does not speak up for me and my mother-in-law is a bully
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Hello Sir,

I have been married since one year. My first day at my in-laws’ place, I woke up at seven am. My MIL scolded me for waking late. I became tense. Then next day onwards she wanted me to do all the chores. For two months I did all the cleaning, cooking without any help. She didn’t allow me to go out with my husband. I have grown up in a family where we had domestic staff for doing chores and my father always took us out when we wanted to go out.

I realise now that my husband’s family consider me their servant. This has left me depressed. When I complained to my husband, he said, “It’s your duty to do all work. I want my mother to take rest.” I lost all hope.

One day I went to my parents and told my parents everything. They said, “You need to go back to your in-laws.”

My husband came and picked me up. He said he really loves me. After all that, things didn’t change. My MIL still does not allow me to go out with my husband. She always wants me at home for cooking/cleaning, etc.

I have lot of dreams for my marriage; like having a cup of coffee at a coffee shop together, seeing a film with him at the theater, a ride on bike… but nothing like that is going to happen. I see no light at the end of the tunnel. How do I make my dreams come true if no one supports me?

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Before I jump into the solution of how to get out of this mess, I want you to

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  1. Actually your mother in law doesn’t want u and your hubby to be together may be somewhere she is dissatisfied with her own life she is not happy to see bonding with your husband better give him sometime and be with him every time to create a strong bond and give fight to your dearest mother in law

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