Why husbands never want to take care of the babies? Q&A with Deepak Kashyap

Why husbands and males always find a way to avoid babysitting duty? Does this make you mad? How to handle this situation? Deepak Kashyap the counselor of Bonobology and renowned Psychologist answers that on FB live session

Making the leap from coupledom to baby makes your life exciting, exhilarating, exhausting, and exasperating. It’s a combination that can be toxic to the romantic relationship that made you parents in the first place. Taking care of a baby takes a lot of time and energy, if only one parent is involved in taking care of the baby, it becomes super difficult to manage. What happens when husbands never take care of the babies? 

A woman needs to ensure he does so that both can take turns in caring and resting.

Good communication is key. It becomes really important for the couples to discuss the changes that they will go through after having a baby. And the important thing to discuss would be to share the work and how both of you would take care of a baby together.

Husband’s involvement is important for bond building 

Getting your husband’s help to take care of the baby will not only lessen your burden but also create a bond between you, your baby and your husband. 

So, do no try to be a Super Mom, instead, talk to your husband and discuss everything in order to make your husband help you with the kids. There is nothing like husbands never take care of the babies. They do and they have to because a couple is in it together. 

And to get a proper solution to this situation where marriage issues crop up after having a baby, our counsellor, Deepak Kashyap has all the answers to your queries.

Watch out the video to get some really good tips!

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