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I am my favourite!

Why are we so harsh on ourselves? Why do we wait for others to tell us how pretty we are?
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We often wait for others to tell us how beautiful our eyes are or how melodious our voice is. While we don’t shy away from writing long paras about our professional achievements in our resumes, we shy away from talking about our pretty hands or beautiful smile.

Don’t be so harsh on yourselves. Tell us what is that one thing about you that you totally love. We are listening. So go ahead, and in the comment section below, write that one feature you want to tell the world about. And hey! If you think there are two, three or more, go ahead and list all of them.

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    1. I think I am a 100% committed person, to the task at hand, to the people I have said ‘yes’ to, to myself even. But yes I am harsh on myself.

      1. Don’t be harsh on yourself. We are conditioned such that we often don’t want to look at ourselves with pride. But we must.

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