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I blame my husband for our daughter’s divorce

Bonobology’s community forum finds an anonymous lady blaming her husband for ruining precious years of her daughter’s life, and contemplating a separation from him
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Every year many divorces take place in urban India alone, yet romantic marriages are exemplified in movies and stories, following a linear version of fairy tales where the couples live happily ever after.

No one wants to showcase the real version of relationships: meeting; mating; marriage; and misunderstanding. These 4 Ms sum up the real short shelf life of coupledom, but the illusion of happy power couples always makes for good sales.

Fantasy, just like mythology, can most times never be reality, excluding in very few cases.

Yet, all the time we fall for the Page 3 stories, power and glamour and beauty of film stars, sportsmen, politicians and business tycoons. However, no amount of money, Photoshop or glamour can hide the vices and indiscretions behind the shiny surface of the photographs in glossy tabloids as they surface in due course, in spite of the affinities that power offers. That’s when we feel miserable seeing Hrithik Roshan-Sussanne Khan or Malaika Arora Khan-Arbaaz Khan separating.

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I blamed my husband for a petty issue. And I admit it!

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