I can’t see any girl as my sister, and only feel physical attraction. Is this abnormal?

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Q: Dear Sir, I have not been able to talk about what I’m sharing with you with people around me, though it has nothing to do with my family structure, as I have pretty open and liberal parents and have been brought up in a very healthy, friendly way. However, I am an only child. I don’t have any siblings. I have cousins and I’m very close to them. I just turned 24 recently and throughout my growing years I have never been able to see anyone as my sister, even including girls who are younger than me, some of them significantly younger. I have always felt an attraction to anyone and everyone (females only) from time to time if the girl has a beautiful and attractive physique. Is it wrong to not being able to think of anyone as my sister, since I never knew how it feels to have a sister? Please help me understand myself or whether I have a problem.

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A: Greetings! What you are feeling are normal things for your age. And this is due to your male hormone testosterone. Sexual fantasies are not usually harmful. They are nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. In fact, they enhance sexual arousal by making sex life more pleasurable and are often used in therapy. But if there is an associated guilt, it will create situational anxiety affecting one’s response and performance.


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