Live-in and Open

I don’t regret living-in with my married lover

Her daughter blames her for her decision to live in with a married man. But she believes any choice she made would have had consequences
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(As told to Pooja Priyamvada)

I never had a proper home or family growing up

I learnt classical dance; ever since my mother had passed away when I was just 12, dance had been my solace. My theatre actor father was an alcoholic and my grandmother limited my interactions with him. When my grandmother passed away, I was just 17 and I moved to Delhi for college.

Two years later, I met Sukesh in one of the dance programs. He was about a decade older and married, and yet living alone in Delhi as his wife lived back in his village in Gujarat with his parents, the traditional way. The overwhelming romance took us both off guard.

In a few months’ time, I gave up my PG accommodation and moved in with Sukesh to his apartment. In the new apartment culture nobody cared whether we were married or not and presumed that we were. To them I was Mrs Mitali Sukesh. All went well for the first couple of years. Sukesh was earning well in his newly setup business. He would go “home” once every month and I was happy with my dancer life.

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  1. I do not care married or not but moral or not. And what she did was immoral. She was not allowed to break a house intentionally. Had my father done this, what her lover did, I would hate him for life.

    1. Aditi if at all there is a blame it has to be shared equally by her as well as the man, and to always portray the wife as a helpless woman who had no role in the marriage at all is also outdated.

      It’s a complex equation for sure and thus discussion worthy.

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