I escaped from an abusive marriage but am getting suicidal thoughts

I have no job, no money, nothing. I feel like a burden to my family and want my life to end
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Dear Ma’a,m.

I am a divorcee. I have gone through four years of mental pain in my marriage. I have no job, no marriage proposals, my father always worries about me.

Now I want to end my life.

I can’t make myself happy. I feel like I am a burden on my family. I have low confidence and self-doubt. People say that I am too good and very simple and that’s why I am facing this type of life. I am not that smart. I think I am too sensitive. I have lost my self-esteem in everything in my life. Where do I go? I feel suffocated in my life. I weep. Why am I so weak? Now I am a problem for my family. I live in fear, my mind is telling me that I should die. Please help me. Please also tell how I become mentally strong so that I don’t commit suicide.

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Nishmin Marshall says:

Dear Lady,

It is so nice that you got in touch.

First, let me let you that you are smart, capable and intelligent. You said you are divorced and have gone through four years of mental suffering. That itself can be very hard to deal with. How long ago

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Why would she stay on with an abusive husband?

She was a victim of marital rape and yet blamed for the divorce

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  1. This post is such a brave step. I congratulate Bonobology for bringing these topics to light. Indian society has so many taboos associated with divorced, separated and widowed women. We need to talk about such things and make women feel that they need not feel depressed or upset about relationship turmoils. these things happen and as Ms. Nishmin says – being happy or not is entirely in one’s own hands.

  2. This is such a brave confession and what an amazingly helpful counselling to that. One of my close friends is going through something similar in her life, I shall share this link with her and I hope that she will feel better. I think the society needs to be a little easy and less judgmental towards women going through bad phases in relationships. We need to give them due space. And yes, it is true – being happy or not is in our hands.

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