I escaped from my abusive marriage but the experience has left me feeling broken

I feel broken at times and think why did it happen and moreover, I think why me?
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Dear Ma’am,

I left my in-laws’ house within a month of marriage as I could not bear the torture. Also, they used to ask me to get money from my parents. I walked out as I was a chartered accountant and knew that if I fulfill their first demand, then the demands are just going to keep on increasing. My husband never called me up after the parents met.

Now I feel I have taken the right decision as he did not deserve me. He was not interested in me. He was only interested in money as I was the only child.

But sometimes I feel why this has happened to me. I feel lonely at times as I stay quiet all the time. I get stuck while doing a task and then those instances of torture come back in my mind and play over and over again. I feel broken at times and think why did it happen and moreover, I think why me? I feel weak at times as I just don’t want to face this situation and want to run away from all this… How to fight with such situations?

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Prachi Vaish says:

Dear Lady,

The worst part is over.

Congratulations: First of all, hats off to you for gathering the strength to walk out of an abusive marriage and household. I can only

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