I have a new friend


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As I saw people around me hurrying fast I felt strangely calm. The afternoon which had turned cold and strangely dark made me feel fine. People started to run as big fat drops of rain hit the warm soil. Everyone wondered, how the sun which was shinning bright a few minutes back was struggling to come over the darkness.

The small strip of grass planted beside me moved as if every blade were quivering in anticipation.

As the sky swiftly darkened the traffic lights glowed. The two, that I could see glowed bright red in the distance. Cars were lined up along the street waiting patiently to move in the light rain. I could barely make out the signs across the street because of the darkness and drizzle.

Suddenly, I saw you with my favourite Lilies. I was so happy to see you. It’s been ages. I thought you forgot me. They said you got a new address, somewhere close to the sea. I guessed the salty water and the wind must have made you a happier person. I envied you.

You still look pretty in your long hair. Keep it like that always. I wish I could have rolled my fingers through them again.

The fresh smell of Lily is what I longed for all through these years. Thanks Aisha for brining them.

The pine tree that you see next to me knows everything about you. This place has become crowded but somehow she kept me away from others.

I know she will even tease me after you leave. ‘Even he had a girl from yesterday,’ she will smile. But sometimes we both cry because its still very dark here.

She started to hug me with her roots a few months ago and she is tightening it everyday. We have our small world here now, Six Feet Under.


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