I haven’t told you but I noticed…

typing i love you

Sometimes, in the business of everyday life, we forget to express our appreciation or love for the little things that our spouse or partner does for us. Like, making sure that the car is full on petrol or diesel before he leaves on a tour. Or the fact that he leaves some extra cash in the bedside drawer so that it can save you the trip to an ATM. Or the way, you leave the towel folded exactly in half by the shower cabinet because he loves it that way. And the fact that you call home on your way back from work and always end the call with, ‘Love you, baby.’ You notice, he notices. But expressing it is altogether another thing.

Here is your chance to put into words the gratitude and love you feel for your spouse/partner/girlfriend or boyfriend, to tell them you notice those little gestures that make life together so beautiful!

So put on your thinking hat and pen some 150 words or so, and a two-line bio, and send it to us. Not only will we publish the short-listed entries on our website, we will also send the winners a beautiful surprise.

And let it begin with, “I haven’t told you so but I noticed…”

Last date for submissions: 31st March

Winning entries will be declared on 9th April

When sending in your entries, please make sure you have registered yourself on the portal.

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