Affair and Cheating

I love my husband, but sometimes I love the other man a tad more

What she feels for him is the kind of love that transcends conventional notions of love, that does not want anything from him except for his presence in her life.

Surreal as it may sound, I had dreamt of him for long before I knew that he was a real person. And the most miraculous thing is that I actually got to meet him. The most beautiful thing is that he is as wonderful as he seemed in those many dreams!

At the right time

He materialised in my life at a time when I was battling a chronic medical condition that led eventually to extreme mood swings, an unproductive work life, and a distressing struggle with inexplicable lows. This condition and its medication also saw me grow morbidly obese, and lose a lot of my hair. From being an organised person, I had metamorphosed into this wayward creature that was nonchalantly flouting deadlines, and didn’t care much about whatever happened around her. I have usually been able to sort my problems on my own. Some ‘me-time’, some introspection, and I would be good. But this kind of an extended low was something else altogether.

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  1. It’s just a different kind of love…. Sometimes a person other than spouse emotionally connects with you and you cannot resist sharing everything because they make you happier …
    Very nicely written – from the Heart….

  2. Have u heard about the term twin flame? If not, please read/research about it..could be possible that u might get some answers.

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