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I never want to change his never-say- die spirit

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Life gives you lemons. You either make lemonade, or you squeeze it in your vodka and give your drink a twist. And, giving his drink a twist is what my hubby, my partner of 20 years did.

I consider my partner the proverbial phoenix who rose from the ashes each time Life gave him a blow. Not one to cower in fear, or lose his self-confidence, he stood his ground firmly, faced every punch, and fought back to show Life who’s boss!

The story of his life could well be an award wining movie on human endurance. RIght since his childhood, all he saw were difficulties. Loads of them. Beginning with his mother being a patient of schizophrenia, which was detected quite late; never receiving the kind of motherly love and affection we all take for granted. The financial difficulties they faced were not easy to deal with considering Life was not being easy on other fronts.

Another blow he faced was the big C – cancer – that had reached in the final stage. In his youth, when he should have been out, enjoying life, making a career, he was tied to the hospital bed, facing the sharp needle-like drips thanks to chemotherapy. But, all because of his fighting spirit, his never-say-die attitude (literally and figuratively during that phase) he came out of it all. Many, who are his friends and acquaintances, would find it unbelievable if they were to know this chapter in the story of his life.

Life didn’t stop there. Having tested him this long, She decided to throw him another punch, in the form of bi-polar disorder. Not one to crumble under pressure, he fought it. Still does. Acceptance of the situations that arise in life is the trick, he says. “I have accepted it that I will have to be careful, take my pills for the rest of my life, and that makes it easy!” he exclaims.

Losing his father and taking on the responsibility of his mother, sister and then me, he has been our Rock. My pillar of strength, my support, he is my hero. The ability to take risks fearlessly, facing Life’s uncertainties, adversities with the confidence of one who ‘has been there, done that’ despite never having been there done that, really, is a rarity among most.

Today, having come a long way  from where he began, I feel so proud of him for never giving up, for never crumbling under pressure. And, for doing it all, despite all the challenges that tried him, tested his patience. When I used to think about all that Life dealt him, I realised that for all that he faced bravely, for grabbing the bull by its horns and facing the blows and never giving up, Life gave him good returns. She made him the rock that he is; She gave him the ability to stay focused, stay determined and in spite of it all, be grateful for all that he was given by Her.

These qualities, of fearlessness, self-confidence, and the never-say-die spirit, are the qualities that make him unique in a world where we often come across people who crumble under the pressure and give up on Life. And, it’s these qualities that I would never want him to change!

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