Love and Friendship

I sent in my resignation because I couldn’t bear to be next to him any more

He was kind, caring and charming. And already married. But she needed a friend...
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(As told to Joie Bose)

(Names changed to protect identities)

I was going through a tough time at home

Dr Wasim Ahmed looked like Imran Khan and seemed totally out of place in the hospital where I worked as a receptionist. He was a doctor but he basically facilitated between the support staff, nurses and the other doctors. He had a management degree and represented us workers in the management boards, highlighting our concerns. Dr Wasim was empathetic, kind and caring.

When my mother fell ill, our head of staff created hell for me. She didn’t grant me leave after the first few days. As the only earning member of my family, it was difficult for me. One day Dr Wasim found me red-eyed on duty and instead of asking me what was wrong, he waited for my shift to get over. As I got out of the hospital and headed towards the bus stand, he followed me casually as if he too was going that way. Soon he caught up with me and asked, “Hey Sukanya, what’s wrong with you these days?”

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  1. Here’s something we need to understand. To love does not mean to get married. And also love is not the only thing that makes a successful marriage. Here’s something more significant a love than the love you felt for him. A love you are supposed to give yourself. You need to realize that there’s nothing wrong in the way you felt for him. And there’s nothing wrong in your choice to distance yourself from him. But don’t stay stuck in the pit. Save the good memories and celebrate them. And declutter your heart from those things that do no good to you. Open up for the new beginnings that’s been waiting for you.

  2. Don’t get married until you are completely out of Dr Wasim. If you are not over from your unrequited love then you will not be able to open up. You will lead a life of resentment and eventually your husband will also be unhappy. Why do you want an innocent soul to suffer for no mistake of his.

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