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I tried Kamasutra positions with my boyfriend and this is what happened

She’s never said no to a challenge, so when it came to adventures in sex, she was game
Couple with Paperbags

My response to “let’s try something new” is always extreme. Whether it’s “let’s climb the Everest” or “let’s try the Kama Sutra”. And it turns out that all extremes are not that different ― they are just utterly hard. Case in point: the Kamasutra.

The Kamasutra, for the ignorant, is an ancient piece of prose by Vatsyayana, intended to be a guide to a more virtuous and gracious life. But like all things in life, because of a mention of sex (20% on sexual positions to be exact), it’s commonly misinterpreted by pop-culture horndogs as the go-to Sanskrit sex manual. So, when a promiscuous person wants to explore a more fulfilling sex life, they reach for this sex manual. And in this story, the promiscuous person is me and this is what happened when I tried Kamasutra positions with my boyfriend.

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  1. I guess you need to come to India some day and visit the temples of Khajuraho. One learns a lot there than from any book that goes by the name Kamasutra.

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